Our Fees Return to all services

We charge fees for providing pension and investment advice.

Initial Consultation

We carry out an initial consultation to discuss the reasons why you are seeking advice, to establish some background information about you and so we can explain in more detail the service we provide. There is no cost for this consultation provided the meeting takes place in our office between 9am and 5pm, or the consultation taking place via telephone. There are times when our service may not be right for you and this consultation allows for this assessment to take place at no cost to you.

It is important to note that our investment advice service may not be suitable for you if you have less than £20,000 to invest or you are planning to contribute less than £300 per month into an investment or pension.

Fact Finding Meeting

If following the initial consultation you would like to proceed with our service we will carry out a fact finding meeting. During this meeting our adviser will complete a fact find where they will record full information about your personal and financial circumstances, your objectives and priorities. They will also establish your attitude to risk. We typically charge £400 (excluding VAT) for this meeting. Our adviser will confirm the fee during the initial consultation. 

Appraisal Stage

Following the fact finding meeting our adviser will analyse the information obtained from you, carry out research and formulate their advice.

Our fee varies depending on whether you hold existing investments or pensions and if it has been agreed during the fact finding meeting that our adviser will carry out a review of any of them.

If it has been agreed that our adviser will review one pension or investment, this is included in the £50 (excluding VAT). For every additional investment or pension that our adviser reviews there will be a further fee of £50 (excluding VAT).

Recommendation Stage

At this stage we present our recommendations to you. You will receive a detailed Suitability Letter explaining our advice. Our fees at this stage are based upon the lump sum amount you invest or/and your monthly contributions to the investment or pension.

Advice on where to invest your lump sum savings (includes pension and ISA transfers)

Our Adviser Charge is as follows:

3% of the first £100,000 you invest plus

2% of the next £100,000 you invest plus

1% of the next £200,000 you invest plus

0.5% of the remaining balance

For example:

If you invest £100,000 your Adviser Charge would be £3,000

If you invest £200,000 your Adviser Charge would be £5,000  

If you invest £300,000 your Adviser Charge would be £6,000  

If you invest £350,000 your Adviser Charge would be £6,500

Advice on where to save your money on a regular monthly basis. 

15% of the first years’ premium if you go ahead with our recommendations.

For example: if you invest £300 per month (£3,600 per annum) your Adviser Charge would be £540 (excluding VAT)

Ongoing services

We will carry out an annual review for a typical Adviser Charge of £475 (plus VAT). More frequent reviews can be arranged, the cost will depend on their frequency and the nature of the review.

Protection Advice

We are able to offer clients the option of paying us a fee or the provider paying us commission. If you opt for paying us a fee we will not receive any commission from the provider and you are likely to pay a lower premium for your policy.

Our fees for protection advice are based on hourly rates:

Financial Adviser - £150 (excluding VAT)

Administrator - £60 (excluding VAT)

For example, if a Financial Adviser spent 3 hours providing services and an administrator 1 hour, the fee would be £510 (excluding VAT).

Advice to Businesses

If you are a company and are interested in receiving advice, please contact us for an initial discussion. Once we understand your requirements we will provide you with a fee proposal.

If you would like to receive advice or would like to know more information about the services we provide please get in touch. You can do this by using our contact form, emailing enquiries@dupreefs.com or calling us on 01453 852 900.

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