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  1. No monthly repayments to make.
  2. You know what proportion of your home will be used at the outset.
  3. You can leave a fixed proportion of equity to your estate.
  4. Flexible home reversions now allow you to release the right amount for your needs today, whilst having a guarantee of further cash releases if or when required in the future.
  5. You benefit from any increase in value of the percentage of the property that you still own.
  6. May be available to those aged 55+ and you can typically raise more money from your home at a younger age with a reversion plan than a lifetime mortgage would allow.
  7. You'll be able to release more money the older you are.
  8. You can usually still move home (subject to certain restrictions).


  1. You do not typically receive the full market value of the share of the property you sell. This is due to the fact that the reversion plan company gives you the absolute right to live in it rent-free for the rest of your life. They, however do not make their return on investment for a number of years.
  2. You only benefit from any rises in house prices on the proportion you still own.
  3. The reversion plan company will benefit from any increase in value of the property.
  4. Reversion plans cannot usually be reversed as you are selling part of your home.
  5. Reversion plan providers do not usually guarantee further advances.
  6. If you choose to end the plan early, charges may apply.
  7. Your tax position and eligibility for means tested benefits may be affected.

The initial advice it provided at our expense and without obligation to proceed. You will only incur a fee if you decide to go ahead and we do not ask for payment until the equity release completes. We can be paid by commission, a fee or a combination of both. Our typical fee is £995 


For customers who are moving house or re-mortgaging we typically charge a fee of £295 in addition to any commission we receive from the lender.
Our fees range between £0 and £995 depending on your individual circumstances. We will let you know our fee before you agree to use our service. Some examples of where our fees vary from the typical charge are detailed below. These are in addition to any commission received:

  • If you are buying a New Build property other than a shared ownership property, or with equity release we will not charge a fee.
  • For Shared Ownership New Build purchases we charge a fee of £99.
  • For Equity Release we charge a fee of £995
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